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In today’s modern world having the right information quickly can have a huge impact results. That’s why SMG Design’s Drone Aerial Photos & Videos are so valuable. From project management to marketing our Drone Aerial Photos & Videos tell the story from a new perspective. 

Aerial Photography for Marketing & Business Development

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Drone marketing  provides interesting and engaging content for your customers to see your business. That’s why SMG Design’s Drone Aerial Photos & Videos are so valuable. We edit the video and photos to ensure your custom content is always high quality. 

We Deliver Of Your Tower

Communications are critical for any business.  Get the information you need quickly and efficiently. Keeps personnel safe an out of harms way. SMG Design’s Drone Aerial Photos & Videos are affordable and valuable to any business.

Monitor Multiple Construction Sites

Monitor Construction Progress

Quick Reasons to use drones on Construction Sites

Construction site monitoring or business marketing is the most common use for drones. With weekly, bi-weekly or monthly site visits you can obtain high resolution photos and videos. High quality images to allowing you to show progress.

Aerial photos and videos provide a powerful tool for managing and documenting your projects, from site work to completion and every phase in between.

Progress of you site gives you reports that can be sent to your foreman and investors, preform asset management and keep your team informed. 

Have document forming up, pre-pour, pre-electrical, pre-drywall or any other phase of construction you need.

Get critical site information faster and more efficient than ever.

Information that used to take weeks to gather manually.

Now only takes days, providing your team with critical data faster.

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